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He pours out His Mercy

The Lord God is a debtor to no one and to no one is He subject.
He owes nothing to anyone no matter how much they have labored in the harvest.

He pours out His Mercy on the righteous and the sinners alike.
If this was not so, how than could anyone ever become righteous?

Seeing that we have all sinned, then we are made righteous by a pardon for our sins by an act of mercy from God.

I show you a mystery.
He that is forgiven a great debt by God is apt to love God more than someone who is forgiven a little debt.

Brethren, we have been made righteous by the Mercy of God and not by the works of man.

Our righteousness comes as a result of mercy and not mercy as a result of our righteousness.

©05/24/2001 Jim Welch

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