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Open your eyes and believe

Blessed be the Name of the Lord and glory unto God in the highest.
He has made all things and all things He has made are good because He has made them and all things that God does is good.

A good man sees good in all things because he looks for God's Handiwork in all things because he believes God has made all things.
An evil man sees evil in all things because he is blinded by his own disbelief.

Brethren, learn to appreciate the good and the beauty of all things by looking for the good in all things.
Don't let Satan blind you to the beauty and the good of all things that God has done and has made.

If you would but open your eyes and believe you could see God's handiwork in everything and everywhere.
Hope opens eyes while pessimism blinds.

©05/06/2001 Jim Welch

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