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Walk in God's sunshine

The world is full of corruption and evil doers do abound and wicked men seek to destroy the work of the righteous.

What say ye?
Shall we abandon doing the will of our Father in Heaven and cease to bear good fruit because iniquity abounds? Nay!
To become discouraged and to abandon the holy work of God is to become like Judas, a son of perdition.

Brethren, don't stop doing good because of the evil doings of others and don't stop loving God because of Satan's hate and lies.
If we stop doing good and diminish in our love for God we are in reality joining the ranks of the wicked.

There is the lyrics of an old song I heard when I was a little boy that said, " Keep on the sunny side of the street."
Walk in God's sunshine.

©05/10/2001 Jim Welch

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