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Without Jesus we cannot change

Jesus Christ came
   to make all things right for God,
   to thoroughly purge our lives from sin,
   to fill us to overflowing with righteousness and holiness,
   to make straight our crooked ways,
   to change us from sinners into saints,
   to present us before God without spot or blemish,
   to reconcile us to the Heavenly Father,
   to send the spirit of truth to us to be our Advocate, Councilor, and Defender,
   to prepare us for the Kingdom of Heaven,
   and in the final day to resurrect us from the dead.

Without Jesus we cannot change our lives for the better, only for the worst.
All who attempt to become holy without Christ are doomed to failure.

Only they who present themselves to Jesus Christ as a living sacrifice, willing to abandon all their own ways, does Jesus Christ make holy and pure.

©05/28/2001 Jim Welch

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