Abiding in Christ May 11 of Abiding in Christ

God's dividends on your Heavenly investments

Lay up for yourself treasures in Heaven and don't devote all your time and energy amassing earthly treasures.

Where a man's treasure is so will his heart be.
If his treasure is in Heaven his heart will be filled with the Heavenly qualities of love, joy and peace.

These things (love, joy and peace) are God's dividends on your Heavenly investments.

Brethren, the dividends alone make it worthwhile to make large investments in the Heavenly stock market, the Heavenly treasure house.

Abounding love, joy and peace are just the earnest of your inheritance, a foretaste of Heaven's delight.

Far, far greater things are in store in the day of retirement from earth's bondage for the faithful men who have a very large portfolio of Heavenly investments.

Invest now, because the Heavenly stocks soon will skyrocket.

©05/11/2001 Jim Welch

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