Abiding in Christ May 27 of Abiding in Christ

The Light of God is the Love

Let the Light of God shine all day long and let it be a lamp to guide you through the darkness of the night.

What is the Light of God and how do we get it to shine upon our lives?
The Light of God is the Love of the Father, the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Communion of the Holy Ghost.

The Love that flows from the Presence of the Heavenly Father illuminates our spirits and dispels all hate, strife and sadness and replaces them with the fruits of the Spirit, love, joy and peace.

The Grace of Jesus Christ purges our souls from the darkness of sin and replaces it with the bright light of righteousness.

The Communion of the Holy Ghost teaches us all things, reveals all things and guides us into all truth.

Jesus said ask and you shall receive.

©05/27/2001 Jim Welch

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