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By His Spirit God is able to renew us daily

God is forever new and His truths are best when they are freshly drawn from the well of the spring of life, The Holy Spirit.

The religious traditions of men are truths that have grown old and have become tarnished with age, like brass that has lost its luster and copper that has become green.

Old truths (traditions of men) is like bread that has become moldy and water that has become lukewarm.

Bread tastes best when it has been freshly taken from the oven and water when it has been freshly drawn from the deep ice cold well.

God is not dead, He is alive.

The best place to learn about God is from God, Himself.

If we ask of God He will send us His Holy Spirit to teach us all things and guide us into all truth.

By His Spirit God is able to renew us daily. Amen.

©11/25/2001 Jim Welch

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