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Only the Lord can grant the increase

Every tree begins as a little seed no matter how large it may be.

Every great work has a small belonging,

That is why the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to the lowly and the meek.

They who would be great in the Kingdom of God must pay heed to the little things of life and not the big.

Lo, the mountains shall be made low and the valleys shall be lifted when the Lord comes with His Angels in the Glory of His Father.

They who look for much the Lord shall blow upon it with the breath of His mouth and it shall come to little.

But, they who are faithful in the little things the Lord shall multiply it like the loaves of bread presented to the Lord by the little boy and it shall come to much.

One man soweth and another man waters the seed, but the Lord and only the Lord can grant the increase.

©11/21/2001 Jim Welch

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