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Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven

Enthusiasm comes by looking forward to the things of the future and discouragement comes by looking backwards at the failures of the past.

Little children have no past filled with failures to look back upon, so they look forward to things to come and they are enthusiastic.

Jesus said, " Unless you become like a little child you can in no wise enter the Kingdom of God."

The Kingdom of Heaven does not exist in your past, but does exist in your future.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and God shall add to you all things of the Spirit, including zeal and enthusiasm.

Seeking the Kingdom of Heaven requires you to look forward to things to come because that is where the Kingdom exists.

Pride comes by looking at past successes, discouragement by looking at past failures, but Godliness and zeal by looking at things to come.

©11/09/2001 Jim Welch

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