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The Voice of God will never pass away

There are many voices expressing many opinions, but only one Voice that really counts, the Voice of God.

The voices of men will pass away and their sound heard no more, but the Voice of God will never pass away and every word shall keep on ringing like an echo forever.

Whatsoever God says to you, when you are alone with Him in secret, do it.

His words are truth and they bring life everlasting to everyone who applies them to the door posts of their hearts.

Man is like grass and his glory is like the flower thereof.

The grass endures only for a season and its flower fades and passes away, but the Word of God shall endure for all generations.

The Voice of God has the power to raise the dead from their graves and by His Voice God has created all things, preserved all things and by it all things continue to exist.

©11/07/2001 Jim Welch

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