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Walk in the Spirit

Fire up your heart with the burning zeal of God's Holy Spirit and get going on the road to spiritual victory.

Without faith and zeal you will be defeated before you have even begun.

You will not be defeated by an outward adversary, but by your own weaknesses of doubt and discouragement.

There is reward in Heaven for suffering defeats on behalf of Jesus Christ by an outward adversary, but there is no reward for being defeated because of our own doubts and discouragements.

It is shameful to be faithless and without zeal.

Jesus said, " Be zealous therefore and repent." "I have counseled you to buy of me gold refined in fire."

Brethren, let us fight the good fight of faith abounding with love for all with an unlimited measure of hope.

Walk in the Spirit.

©11/16/2001 Jim Welch

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