Abiding in Christ November 28 of Abiding in Christ

Truth endures the trials and tribulation

Wisdom is the door through which a man can escape from the prison cell of foolishness and ignorance.

A man who walks through life without wisdom and will stumble into every pit that Satan has dug for him and be taken in by every religious scam devised by men who seek only their own self advancement.

A wise man keeps on seeking for the truth until he finds it, but a foolish man out of impatience will accept as true the first notion that he fancies.

A man who builds his life on false ideas is building his life on a very poor foundation.

Every time trouble comes the foolish man's life is badly shaken, but the wisdom of the wise man shall see the wise man through.

Truth endures the trials and tribulation, but falsehood will quickly fail.

With all your heart seek for the truth.
©11/28/2001 Jim Welch

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