Abiding in Christ October 04 of Abiding in Christ

Your place of refuge from the storms of life

Let Christ be your stay and your place of refuge from the storms of life.

In Christ you will find peace for your soul, a peace the world cannot take away from you.

To the storm on the Sea of Galilee, He said, "Peace be still," and the storm was no more and sea became calm.

Brethren, all Jesus would have to do is say peace be still and the turmoil of your life would be replaced by a wonderful peaceful calm.

Instead of running away from the problems of your life let Christ endow you with His power of peace to overcome them.

The Peace of God is the Power of God that enables us to overcome the storms and turmoil's of the world.

Jesus doesn't give us peace to endure the storm, His Peace stops the storms.
©10/04/2001 Jim Welch

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