Abiding in Christ October 07 of Abiding in Christ

Remember Lot's wife

Let everything you do be in accord with the Will of God and in agreement with the precepts of the Kingdom of Heaven.

No one is going to steal in Heaven and no one is going to lie in Heaven.

Brethren, if you deem yourself to be a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven then you should divest yourself of the sins of the flesh and endow yourself with Heavenly virtues.

Jesus Christ came that we might live a holy and sanctified life bearing much fruit of the Spirit.

Grace is the divine assistance of Jesus Christ given man for his regeneration and sanctification.

If we go back to living a sinful life after we were purged of our sins by the Grace of Christ, then we have fallen from Grace.

Remember Lot's wife.
©10/07/2001 Jim Welch

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