Abiding in Christ October 23 of Abiding in Christ

Make straight the crooked pathways of my life

Create in me a new heart full of vigor and zeal for Your work's sake, Oh Lord.

Purify my soul from all sin and renew a right spirit within me, Oh God.

Open the doors of opportunity to me to reach the souls and hearts of many with Your Blessed Message of truth and love, Oh Lord Jesus.

Make straight the crooked pathways of my life and remove from me all things that hinder Your work in my life which are not expedient, Oh Precious One.

Let Your Ways by my ways and grant to me faith unlimited that I may move mountains and destroy the strongholds of Satan by Your Right Hand of Power, Oh Almighty God.

Father, grant unto me victory unto victory, joy unto joy, glory unto glory now and forever.

©10/23/2001 Jim Welch

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