Abiding in Christ October 28 of Abiding in Christ

God is able to teach the truth in full

Let God, Himself, be your Guide through the maze of religious confusion, for He is able to teach you all things and to guide you into all truth.

God does not need men to help Him establish the truth because God is the Truth and He is not the author of confusion.

Enter into His Presence, alone and in secret, and ask Him to teach you all things and leave behind all your preconceived notions and ideas.

The best that men can do is to teach the truth in part, but God is able to teach the truth in full.

As the Old Testament prophet said, Moses received the law written on tablets of stone, but when the Messiah comes he will write His laws upon the hearts of His People.

This will enable His people to know the truth and truth will set them free.

Jesus said, " My sheep will hear my Voice and they come." Amen.
©10/28/2001 Jim Welch

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