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By their fruits ye shall know them

Lay not up for yourself treasures on earth where evil men can break through and steal and destroy, but lay up for yourselves a goodly treasure in Heaven where evil men can never go.

Brethren, they who do good and bear good fruit shall enter into the Kingdom of God and they who do evil and bear evil fruit shall be deprived of access to God and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus said, " By their fruits ye shall know them."

God looks at your heart and not your religious convictions.

A good tree will bear good fruit and an evil tree will bear evil fruit.

If a man loves God, he will do the things of God.

If a man hates God his life will be in a constant state of rebellion against God.

Be not deceived, he who rebels against God shall lose his soul and he who has faith in God saves it.

©09/26/2001 Jim Welch

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