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Love is the foundation of godliness

If a man loves God he will seek to serve God.

Jesus said, " dost thou love Me? feed My lambs."

In our hearts we generally desire to do good things for those whom we love.

The same is true if we love God.

They who do evil do so because they are motivated by hate.

The root of all good things that men do is love.

Love is the foundation of godliness and true holiness.

Love is what makes holy men walk with God and it is what makes holy men holy.

They who hate are never holy, but evil.

Every diabolical act ever done was born of hate.

Alliances created because of a common enemy will not endure because they are not founded on the foundation of love.

Love never fails.

Let love then be the guiding light of your life, not fear.

In perfect love there is no fear.

©09/28/2001 Jim Welch

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