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Meditate on the mystery of the Kingdom of God

Meditate on the mystery of the Kingdom of God and ponder about it's mysterious ways.

How God chooses the meek and the lowly over the powerful and famous, the poor over the rich, is a mystery.

How God casts the seed of truth into the earth and lets it grow of itself, by itself until the harvest and allows it to take hold in the lives of men by their own free will is a mystery.

How some men respond to the seed of God's truth while many prefer falsehood is a mystery.

Everything about God's Kingdom on earth and in the earth is a mystery.

It is a mystery how the Kingdom of God keeps growing in spite of Satan holding all the reins of power in all the organizations, governments and institutions.

Brethren, the truth will set you free.

©09/01/2001 Jim Welch

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