Abiding in Christ September 16 of Abiding in Christ

Oh Lord, let my home be thy home

Oh Lord!

Send a band of Angels to encamp in my house to watch over and protect me from all harm and to cause the devils to flee that would seek to corrupt my soul.

Let my house be a safe haven in the time of storm, a place where the Peace of God perpetually dwells.

Let all who enter the threshold of my door who are afflicted with maladies of body and soul be immediately ministered unto by the band if Angels and set free of all their afflictions.

Let the band of Angels be granted the power to renew the spirit, to purify the soul and heal the body of all sicknesses of any and all guests that enters my poor abode.

Oh Lord, let my home be thy home, a place where men can find God. Amen!
©09/16/2001 Jim Welch

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