Abiding in Christ September 20 of Abiding in Christ

His coming shall fill the sky and His Glory

Let the Lord be praised and His Name proclaimed before all nations.

Lift up your voices and sing of His Glory and rejoice in His story.

For Jesus Christ is King of Kings and Lord of Lords and He shall reign forever and ever, Amen!

Jesus Christ shall return riding on a big white horse with the army of the Heavenly Host following behind.

The brightness of His coming shall fill the sky and His Glory shall be seen by every eye.

The birds of the air, the animals of the forest, little children, old men and women, all the inhabitants of the earth shall see the awesome brightness of the Glory of the Lord.

All nature, all mankind, all the Heavenly Host shall break forth into singing. Hallelujah.
©09/20/2001 Jim Welch

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