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The vast storehouse of God's Heavenly wisdom

Little do we know of the vast storehouse of God's Heavenly wisdom that stretches from horizon to horizon.

The sum total of all the knowledge that mankind has apprehended is but a drop in a vast ocean of truth.

The realms of mysteries yet to be discovered far out weigh those that have been partially unveiled.

Brethren, with all your might get wisdom and understanding and diligently seek after knowledge and truth like a prospector searches for gold.

A man of wisdom is welcomed at many doors while an ignorant man is turned away.

Wisdom and understanding is an ornament of grace and honor around the neck of the person who has it.

Brethren, study to show thyself a workman, both in the Kingdom of Heaven and in our earthly occupations, that need not be ashamed.

Get wisdom.

©08/21/2001 Jim Welch

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