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Lift up the standard of Jesus Christ

Lift up the standard of Jesus Christ all ye saints and go marching, marching into Zion, Zion the beautiful City of God.

Come all ye faithful and joyful, let us gather together on that distant shore.

We are pilgrims passing through this world on our way to the land of promise and paradise where dwelleth love and peace forevermore.

Even now you can see a distant glimpse of God's Holy City by dawn's early Light, the Spirit of Truth, poured out unto us and freely given by the Father to all who ask of Him.

The Spirit of Truth (The Holy Ghost) will show you visions and revelations of the City of Glory, bright and shining, our everlasting and eternal home.

Set your affections on the things that are in the Kingdom of Heaven and not on the things of earth.


©02/06/2001 Jim Welch

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