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Purge me, Oh Lord

Purge me, Oh Lord, from all my sin and I will be whiter than snow; both without and within.

Purify my outer life that I sin not in the sight of men; cleanse the outer garment my body (my earthly life) from evil doing and acts, that I may do the perfect will of the Father on earth as I will do in Heaven.

Purge my heart and soul from the sins of doubt, discouragement, bitterness, despair, anger, strife, impatience and pride; that I may abound with love, joy, and peace; thereby becoming pure and holy inside.

Set my feet on the pathway of righteousness that I may serve You, Oh Lord, in the Spirit of Holiness becoming each day a greater and greater delight in Your sight.

Thoroughly cleanse me. Amen

©02/07/2001 Jim Welch

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