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Send Your Spirit of Truth into my life

Heavenly Father, send Your Spirit of Truth into my life;
     to teach me all things,
     to guide me into all truth,
     to show me all things to come,
     to reveal Your Heavenly Glory,
     to reprove me of sin and righteousness,
     to multiply my wisdom and understanding,
     to make straight my crooked pathways,
     to endue me with power and might,
     to bring to my remembrance the words of Jesus Christ,
     to cause me to increase in the knowledge and fear of the Lord,
     to testify to me of Your words for me and the whole world,
     to comfort me continuously in this dreadful world of darkness,
     and to cause me to become like unto a candle high and lifted up bringing the light of hope to the whole household of God.

©05/04/2001 Jim Welch

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