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A journey of discovery that will never end

It is easier to teach an old dog new tricks than to teach a religious person the truth.

A person who has bound himself to a religious creed will always put the creed above God and is unwilling to learn anything new.

A person who walks with God is ever learning new things about God and sees himself on a journey of discovery that will never end.

A religious person fears change and the truth terrifies him.

A person who walks with God welcomes change and takes great delight in learning new and wonderful truths.

God is where God chooses to be, He is not where men try to place Him.

An atheist doesn't want God to exist at all and a religious person wants God to exist only in the temple where he worships.

To walk with God requires us to go with God wherever He chooses to go.

©11/11/2001 Jim Welch

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