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Wherever You lead me, I will follow

Into the Heavenly Father's Presence I will come with my heart filled to overflowing with warm-hearted love.

Who is like unto You, Oh God?

Who else but You can fill my heart and life full of joy and peace simply by the light of his countenance?

Others claim to be able to bring lasting joy and peace to men's hearts , but only You, Oh God, can do it.

You light up my life with Your Love and Your Presence brings abounding joy and peace into my heart and soul.

You, Alone, can do this and there is none other.

I have decided to walk in the shadow of Your Countenance following along behind Thee like puppy dog follows his master with waggly tail.

Wherever You lead me, I will follow and wherever You go I will seek to find Thee.

©11/12/2001 Jim Welch

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