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Let me then abound in love, grace and truth

Grant to me this day an increase in the amount of love in my life for others, both God and man, Oh Father.

Fill my heart, mind, soul, and strength to overflowing with Your love, Oh Father.

Purify my life this day and purge me from all sin by Your purifying flame, called grace, Oh Lord.

Purify my heart, soul and outer life by Your power of purification, Oh Lord.

Send me Your Spirit of Truth and cause me to be greatly increased in wisdom and understanding that I may walk brightly in the light of Your Divine Everlasting Living Truths.

Enlighten my heart, mind, soul and my whole life by the infinite Light of Your Truth, Lord Holy Ghost.

Let me then abound in love, grace and truth, Oh Lord. Amen.

©11/30/2001 Jim Welch

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