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Yield yourself to the Spirit of God

Yield yourself to the Spirit of God and let Him direct your life, for He and He alone is able to plot a path through the maze of religious confusion that besets you.

If you walk with God and listen to His Voice, He will guide you through the darkness that prevails in all the lands.

God and God alone is the Light that illuminates your life. and from Him all darkness flees away.

There can be no fellowship; light with darkness, men of truth with liars, liberators with oppressors or a loving person with a hateful person.

Decide this day which pathway you will follow, the pathway of light or the pathway of darkness?

Remember, in order to be in the light you must walk with God.

God is God and He is the Source of all goodness and truth.

Come and let us walk with Him. Amen.

©11/29/2001 Jim Welch

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